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Chronology of Daisy’s work with Motion-picture

November 2023

Film like you Paint
The movie installation gives insight into the artistic process of how the painting “Ella” was created while also expressing the process artistically through poems, improvised music and a nuanced look at the natural world. The process of establishing a relationship with the unconscious is delicate and deliberately expressed by blurring the line between what happens inside the artist, what might be expressed through a projection onto his surrounding world and what is simply put, everyday life.

In order to capture the authentic artistic process, the making of the movie was approached similarly to how the painting was created. Without a script or plan, the images and sounds were collected like ideas, feelings and experiences are collected in everyday life, then poured into one form during one 20-hour long editing session. During this meditative editing process, the personal thoughts and insights from the artist were added as a final touch.

Exhibited at World Design Fair 2023 – Aalto University
Next Screening: Lapinlahti Filmfestival August 2024 – Lapinlahden Lähde

April 2023

What We Don’t See – Suomi 2048
A design futures film about the intricate yet drastic impacts of climate change on Finland in the year 2048.

Written, directed and edited by Daisy in collaboration with a lovely crew!

Exhibited at Helsinki Design Week 2023
Next Screening: 10.06 – 12.06.2024 Sustainability Science Days – Aalto University

Autumn 2022

Summer 2022

Spring 2022