Collective Painters Art Review

In the realm of impressionist and expressionist work, Daisy’s art envelops the senses in a tender madness, weaving ghostly shadows and ethereal light into tapestries of emotion and meaning – impossible to define yet unmistakably distinguishable. It seeks and finds an essence we all feel at times, yet cannot comprehend, evoking a response that transcends mere visual appreciation. An honest outpour of emotion into every piece can be felt, resonating somewhere deep inside the soul. Daisy’s work evokes this resonance from a profoundly human condition – imperfection. It is the spontaneity of finding unforeseen beauty and flaw that whispers something deeply true to the still viewer. 

Daisy’s intuitive process of creating imparts a journey into his artwork, it is as if you are taken by the hand and led through the wondrous, intricate and at times painful paths of life where the outer and inner worlds entangle effortlessly. Daisy’s ability to translate mystical experiences and emotions that are beyond the comprehension of the mind into a variety of mediums is as fascinating as it is repelling – truly both repulsive darkness and warming light are conjoined. At its core, Daisy’s artwork is a testament to the power of introspection and empathy, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

His work asks how we can begin to know the unknown, how we can come to see clearly what joins us all while we wonder how we got lost in the forest and how we may find our way back home. What is behind that hill, what secret does this character hold, what is that mystical light? – Daisy’s paintings raise questions in the viewer about the hidden motives and stories that appear, if at all, as a hint on the canvas. In every stroke lies a story waiting to be told, a reflection of the myriad emotions that dwell within us all. Within Daisy’s collection, portraits come to life with soulful depth, while landscapes unfold with the majesty of untouched views, each telling a unique story. 

On the canvas, a mesmerizing rhythm, a wavy cadence of brushstrokes beckons the eye to wander, and the subtle interplay of color and light lends a flickering motion that permeates the motives, creating a ghostlike dance of light and shadow. It seems as if light has been poured like golden honey over landscapes, creatures and faces alike while in the darker pieces, all is swallowed into a void of shadows. Bathed in the soft glow of Van Gogh and Monet infused palettes, the imagery transcends mere pigment, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder while the thick textures move the viewer.

It is rare to find a contemporary painter embedded naturally in the stylistic realm between expressionism and post-impressionism, without feeling like a copy of a time long gone. Daisy’s art sits on the shoulders of impressionist masters like a playful child, maybe it feels natural to the observer as it is to Daisy himself, as he says in his own words: “I don’t care much about the ‘artworld’, I care about my authentic experience and a life lived fully. I express it towards myself – it is as if I would paint a diary for no particular reason.”

This critique was curated by artists from
Burg Giebichstein – (University of Art and Design Halle, Germany)
Department of Art, Design and Media – (Aalto University, Finland)
Ateljee10 @Lapinlahden Lähde – (Center For Culture, Arts And Mental Wellbeing Helsinki)